Chandanalepa Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Skin Cream (சந்தனளேப்பா சந்தன கிரீம்)


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Chandanalepa Natural Ayurvedic Herbal Skin Cream

For Beautiful Appearance… Chandanalepa Soft and soothing Ayurvedic skin cream Chandanalepa a product of Sri Lanka is a medicinal cream with a mixture of Sandal wood, Venivelgeta, Suwanda Kottam, Kokum, Indian Turmeric, and various other Ayurvedic medicine. Chandanalepa a product prepared from the spirits of very rare Ayurvedic medicine is a proven cure for mycoses, pimples, spots, discolouring and blackening of your skin. Chandanalepa protects your skin structure against dryness due to exposure to the direct sun light, dryness and darkening of the skin due to strain. It keeps your beautiful appearance by making your skin healthier and giving a golden hue to your skin. 

  • Chandanalepa can be applied after cleansing your skin at any time of the day because it has no side effects.
  • Chandanalepa gives you a beautiful appearance with healthier golden skin by applying it on your face twice or three times a day for several weeks. 
  • Chandanalepa keeps you refresh all day for it has extremely pleasant scent. 
  • Chandanalepa can be used for beauty-care purposes such as facial massage.
  • Chandanalepa is an Ayurvedic medicinal cream protecting your beautiful appearance and giving you a soothing sensation.
  • Chandanalepa removes burning sensation after a shave. For men, it can be used for facial massage after a shave to obtain a handsome look.
  • Chandanalepa suits any climatic condition in any part of the world. It’s an invaluable, highly effective indigenous medicinal skin cream which can be used by anybody anywhere in the world. (Approved by Department of Ayurveda)

Sandal wood, Venivelgeta , Suwanda Kottam, Kokum, Indian Turmeric.

Chandanalepa manufacturer says that there are many benefits received if anyone will apply this on face and body.

  •  Removing pimples
  • Removing black heads and white heads and spots
  • Removing the discolouring and darkening
  • Protecting the skin from darkening
  • Preventing dryness due to fatigue and exposure to the sun light and cold

Chandanalepa gives your skin more healthier look, makes it smoother, softer and younger look. Not only that. But also it provides a golden hue and attractive look also. Due to this cream doesn’t have any side effects, you can apply this Chandanalepa at any time of the day. But you should make sure to cleanse your skin well, before you apply this cream. It is said that Chandanalepa can be used as an after shave massage face cream in order to remove poisonous effect of the razor. Further it is said that it gives your face a bright complexion and handsome look to our boys…..

But if you have any hypersensitive reactions to some drugs and ointments, you must do a test by applying this Chandanalepa on your elbow or behind the earlobe and wait for 20 minutes. If you will see any reaction at that area, avoid applying it. And you should keep in mind, this cream is only for external uses and should store in a cool and dry place also. Not only the Chandanalepa herbal cream, but also there are another three products of Chandanalepa are available in the market; herbal scrub, soft face wash and skin toner. However, this Chandanalepa brand protects your beautiful appearance by giving you a cooling and soothing effect. So who doesn’t like to enhance your beauty with Ayurvedic products?

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